By Claire Cassidy04/16/16

SOMA Pathways Spring Break Session 2016

Trumark Urban Kicked off spring break 2016 with one goal in mind, to host a rewarding seminar week with SOMA Pathways. SOMA Pathways stemmed from a partnership between Trumark Urban & United Playaz that aims to educate and connect youth to potential local employment and education opportunities within real estate, development, and construction.Fifteen students from both high school & middle school joined for three seminars during their spring break. Organizations who participated with  Trumark Urban included United Playaz, and Mo’Magic.

During the interactive seminars conducted over a week long period, students had the opportunity to learn about development and real estate from other participating companies including: Steelblue, an award winning rendering and interactive team who centered their session around the latest virtual reality technology, and renderings. Steelblue takes drawings and plans and turns them into realistic renderings and virtual reality. Polaris Pacific, a cutting edge sales and marketing team covered sales, marketing, land acquisitions presented by their Principal, Chris Foley. One of the most important things Chris touched on was how one’s attitude determines success. Build Group, a Bay Area top construction team provided a building tour of Trumark’s latest building called Rowan located at 338 Potrero Avenue. Trumark’s very own Paul Gryfakis also participated and was able to share interesting details that were engaging for the kids.

As a result of the spring session, one of the kids said, “Thank you for investing your time to ensure we invest our time properly in life to become successful.”

Trumark Urban believes in the future of our youth and looks forward to the continued success of SOMA pathways. Thank you to all the participants and presenters!

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