The Annual Rebuilding Together San Francisco Day (RTSF) mobilizes teams of volunteers throughout San Francisco to repair homes and renovate nonprofit facilities and schools that serve them.

Trumark Urban participated, sponsored and rounded up volunteers to support one of the biggest RTSF projects in the SOMA district–City Crossroads. A pillar in the neighborhood for over 30 years, City Crossroads helps SOMA children and teens reach their full potential. They provide a safe haven for families and offer a wide range of no-cost after-school programs and enrichment services.

Trumark Urban formed a relationship with City Crossroads through United Playaz when one of the sponsors fell through. City Crossroads was at a loss. Eager to help with the renovation, Trumark Urban stepped in as a co-sponsor to help physically and financially manage the project.

The day was an amazing tie to the SOMA Pathways program, where seven participants from the program volunteered along side Trumark Urban staff, IBEW Local 6 Electricians, Polaris Pacific, United Playaz and City Crossroads team members. The participants from SOMA Pathways were paired up for the day with trades they were interested in pursuing, which gave them hands on experience while giving back to the community.

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