As an ongoing commitment to the community, Trumark Urban joined forces with Friends of Franklin Square (FOFS) to help clean Franklin Square Park on Saturday, March 26th. With the weather in the 70’s, it was a beautiful day to be outside! On this particular day the main focus of the park clean up was to create a rain garden for the plants.

Fun Fact: A rain garden is a planted hole that allows rainwater runoff from impervious urban areas and compacted lawn areas, the opportunity to be absorbed.

In addition to the clean up, the 3rd annual Easter egg hunt was hosted by FOFS. Over 75 local residents, 45 of which were children, attended! Johnny Doughnuts, coffee, juice and water were provided.

Cleaning Franklin Square Park will always be a project that Trumark Urban is proud to represent! If you are interested in joining, give us a call at 415.757.4426.

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