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Friends of Franklin Square

Jolene Yee, Director

Working in collaboration with the San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department and the local neighborhood—Trumark Urban has committed to a clean-up series at Franklin Square, which include over 600 volunteer hours; over $50,000 donated to initial improvements and earmarked funds which will amount to more than $1m over 50 years.

“Together, we’ve made the park more beautiful.”
—Jolene Yee, Friends of Franklin Square

“On the park clean-up days, their whole office comes. And, not just the people who work in the office, but their families come. I mean how incredible is that? And, they keep coming. It wasn’t just a one-time thing. Not only are they building this building, but they actually part of the community. They act like they are invested, as if they were moving there. To me, that is what’s so special about Trumark Urban.”
—Jolene Yee, Friends of Franklin Square

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