Saturday, April 16th, United Playaz and the San Francisco Police Department collaborated by hosting a gun buyback. The volunteers welcomed anyone to come and drop off any unwanted guns they had, no questions asked. A handgun buyback resulted in $100’s returned and assault weapons $200. United Playaz and SFPD helped take 101 guns off the streets that day! Additionally last December they hosted a similar buyback program and received almost 250 guns.

Gun buybacks provide a safe, anonymous way to people to dispose of unwanted and illegal guns. Once the guns are in possession of the SFPD, they ensure the gun is working and operable. Afterwards most are melted down to scrap metal and disposed of.

Arden Hearing, Trumark Urban’s Managing Director & United Playaz board member, said, “United Playaz is making such a powerful enhancement to the city with programs like this and is helping to make the streets a better place to be. I’m proud to commit my time to support UP’s efforts of cleaning up the streets.”

According to Gun X Gun, “The primary motivation for people participating in gun buybacks is to make their homes and communities safer. Based on anonymous survey data collected, many participants never wanted the gun in the first place (20%). The overwhelming majority of participants in our buybacks do not intend to buy another gun (87%), and have effectively made their homes gun-free by participating in the buyback (70%).”

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