In partnership with United Playaz and Mo’ Magic, Trumark Urban kicked off our 2015 SOMA Pathways program, now in its third year. Two separate programs were held in 2015 to reach two separate age groups.

The first session consisted of over 20 Transitional-Aged Youth (high school and recent graduates) in attendance for the 3-week series, where the youth heard from local unions about potential opportunities for employment, the benefits of joining a union, and the requirements for entry. The feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many requesting additional sessions or support that Trumark Urban is in the process of facilitating.

The second 2015 SOMA Pathways sessions targeted to younger school-aged youth attending a summer program at City Crossroads. They heard from a City Planner, an Architect, a General Contractor, a representative from the Carpenters Union, and a Real Estate Sales & Marketing expert. The goal was to expose the youth to future employment opportunities in an industry that they may not have otherwise known about. These sessions were really lively, and the kids asked great questions of the presenters. Those who finished the program received a certificate and a cupcake!

All the industry presenters and staff from Trumark Urban love the involvement with local youth and aim to have meaningful impacts!

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