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City Crossroads

Heather Phillips, Director

Born out of a passion to see a safe and loving place for children and teens to escape the turmoil of Sixth Street, City Crossroads has been a pillar of the community for over 30 years. Their programs are designed to meet the most immediate needs of the community by working directly with low-income SoMa families to provide after-school programming, enrichment services and offer a safe haven to help neighborhood children and teens reach their full potential.

“Trumark Urban worked together with Rebuilding San Francisco to bring in volunteers. It wasn’t just —lets write and check, let’s fix your building— it was how how can we be a part of it? Folks from Trumark coming, with their own families, to paint walls and clean up the backyard. In the past year our whole space has been transformed through Trumark’s willingness to just come work alongside of us.” —Heather Phillips, City Crossroads