Luxury Amenities Drive Premium Residential Sales

My home is my castle?! Luxury residential sector is gaining strength in key global markets, including the United States. However, the days of isolationist thinking are numbered. In the era of hyper-connectivity, high net worth individuals (HNWI) are increasingly looking for unique life-enhancing amenities when it comes to purchasing investment-grade real estate, including even a literal castle. Nearly 80% of HNWI own two or more live-in properties and according to Sotheby’s International Realty latest report “Global Affluence: Emerging Luxury Consumer” an astounding 93% of buyers are expecting luxury service components as a potential deal breaker. From location to budget, there are no “easy” questions or solutions in considering your next move. From personal wellness plans to beautifully crafted intentional spaces, luxury residences have an extensive portfolio of services available for their discerning residents. Here are top residential communities with outstanding luxury amenities in the American West.

Curated Experiences: Drones & Snow Angels

A home is not simply a place to bunker down. It is a place to live fully. For example, research shows that over 80% of HNWI intend to increase their travel and fine-dining opportunities next year. That’s why the most market-competitive residences are offering exclusively curated experiences: from cool gadget services to once in a lifetime trips.

Located in Downtown Los Angeles, TEN50 is offering homeowners an innovative mail and goods delivery system with the first-ever drone landing pad atop the sixth-floor amenity deck of the 25-story 151-unit condo tower. As drone air deliveries become more common, this dock will be the perfect landing place for scheduled and last-minute delivers from groceries to surprise gifts.

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Condos in Downtown LA tower Ten50 are 60 percent sold
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