America’s most eligible bachelor pads

It’s pretty easy to tell someone’s relationship status by his or her residence. For many single men today, the dream isn’t finding a hot trophy wife– it’s finding a bachelor pad so cool it will make their married buddies want to be single again. It may also spark a little jealously among other single buddies. But dream bachelor pads don’t come cheap.

Here are a few single men-friendly properties currently on the market.

1. For the dude who wants a drone.

L.A.’s early adopters are in luck. For the first time in a decade, developers in downtown L.A. broke ground and built an entirely new luxury apartment building. Among TEN50’s cutting edge features is L.A.’s only drone landing pad where residents can have packages delivered from Amazon.

Prices range from $600,000 for a one-bedroom unit to $5 million for a penthouse. The property has two grand penthouses, one is currently in escrow at the time of publication. With the Staples Center just three blocks away, the lucky bachelor who lives here can walk to concerts and easily catch a Lakers, Clippers or Kings game. Of course, said bachelor can also stay in sweats and catch Sunday Night Football in TEN50’s private screening room.

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