40 under 40 2014

What your company does:

Trumark Urban develops unique sustainable high-density mixed-use projects in thriving city-centric locations. It works with local communities to address the needs of our neighborhoods with a clear goal of respecting and enhancing the current culture.


Tokyo, Japan


Harvard University and The University of Washington

First job:


Word that best describes you:


Role at your company:

I led Trumark’s expansion to San Francisco. I guide our efforts to acquire, finance, design, entitle, and build our projects. Best place to work outside of your office: The Grove at 3rd and Mission. For which organizations do you volunteer: Habitat for Humanity, Larkin St Youth, United Playaz’.

Favorite cause:

United Playaz and Larkin St Youth.

Favorite escape:

Lake Tahoe and Hanalei, Hawaii.

Guilty pleasure:

Super Duper Burger.

Stress relief:

Basketball and playing with my kids.

Typical day:

I start each day with the blissful chaos of a morning with 3 children under age 7; full of smiles and tears all at the same time. An average work day often includes working with our architects and consultants on building design, meeting with neighbors regarding their thoughts and needs for a project, a hard-hat tour on a job site, considering new interior design selections, reviewing financial analysis on new or shifting projects, and a bit of accounting and financial reporting efforts for our investors. Then, on days when we do not have late neighborhood meetings, I end the day settling down the kids and trying to help my amazing/beautiful soul-mate (Jennie). On fewer days than I would like, I am able to include an early morning workout and/or some late night reading.

Why current field:

Real estate development offers a very unique opportunity to effect dramatic change on the cities in which we work. We create new buildings from nothing – often in places that have been neglected and underutilized. Our work is endlessly rewarding and energizing.

Best advice you ever got:

Follow your bliss. The No. 1 thing you want to accomplish by the time you turn 40: In the eyes of my children, I want to be the best dad in the world.

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The duty of a real estate developer extends beyond creating buildings to enhancing the surrounding community.
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